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Mr. Stuart Chapman

Managing Director Glaxosmithline and Past Patron PPA

“The Pharmaceutical Industry’s primary purpose is to ensure the quality of human life. While pharmaceutical companies engage in producing the most up to date medications and healthcare professionals (HCP’s) strive to offer Patients the most appropriate treatment, Pharma Promoters perform the very important task of ensuring that product and scientific knowledge acquired by the pharmaceutical industry is communicated in a true and effective manner to HCPs’. Pharma Promoters are therefore an important group of professionals who form the backbone of the pharmaceutical industry and are significant contributors to uplifting the health of society.”

Mr. Mahanama Dodampegama

CEO Halcyon Ltd and Past Patron of PPA

“It is a great privilege to be a founder member of an organization and it is much more satisfying when it continues to grow to be an immense benefit to the industry it serves. PPA has come a long way from the round table meetings at “Otters” to a popular association with highly successful annual events the industry eagerly looks forward to. The camaraderie, unity, and the prestige PPA shower on the industry needs to be encourage and supported by all member companies to ensure continuity. Successive presidents and the committees has done a yeoman service by creating progressive bench marks to excel, and this year’s one by the committee headed by the energetic President and guided by the Patron will be a hard one to surpass. You have taken PPA to a different level. Congratulations to the team, and I wish you all the very best in your AGM proceedings. PPA needs to be considered the heart of the industry whilst the SLCPI will continue to provide the brain power.”

Mr. Darrel Perera

Mackwood Winthrop Limited First PPA President 1987

We had heard of a Medical Reps Association and that it had played a cricket match against a team of doctors, but was no more. The idea of forming such an association was discussed by Darrel Andriesz and myself when we were at a meeting at Professor Wilfred S.C. Perera’s. We agreed to discuss this project with representatives of other Pharma Companies at the Otter’s Sports Club. The following met at an informal meeting after working hours at Otter’s and as I remember were Darrel Andriesz, Nimal Dias Jayasinghe, Trevor Brown, Winsy Abeynayake, Mahanama Dodampegama, Maurice Wambeek, Ananda Abeynayake and Darrell Perera. We agreed on the name to be Pharma Promoters Association in order to widen the scope of the membership to the other members of the pharmaceutical companies. We agreed to have a suitable logo and a constitution to guide us. We also decided to conduct a six-a-side cricket tournament and booked the BRC grounds for same. At our 2nd meeting Nimal surprised us with producing a logo that was acceptable to us and still in use. He also produced a draft constitution which was also accepted with a few adjustments. At the inaugural meeting we elected my consensus, Darrell Perera as President, Darrel Andriesz as Secretary, Trevor Brown as Treasurer and Nimal Dias Jayasinghe as Editor. The first tournament was a great success. While we did not have 16 companies forwarding teams, we had a few companies nominating 2 teams to make up for the loss. Nimal Perera ensured the conduct of the tournament, viz. the draw and the timing of the teams to play each other. Ajith C.S.Perera ensured the professional standard of the tournament, viz. he drafted the rules and regulations and by laws for the tournament and obtained 4 umpires from the Association and services of Archibald Perera , Sri Lankan scorer and was the commentator and also helped Archibald in his absence. Subsequently we had our General Meeting at which the constitution was ratified and logo accepted by all members of the association. In the following years we included Netball and Tug-a-war competitions. A Quiz Nite was initiated by Harin Jayasekera and the Quiz Master commented this was quite a sleek programme. Dr. Mrs. Shreen Wilathgamuwa set the questions. Not only it is heartening to note these programmes are being conducted to day and there are additions too. And today we notch another programme to its repertoire – the launching of its website. While the original vision was “to foster goodwill and fellowship through sports and social activities” it has broadened its scope “and knowledge building activities”. This augurs well for the PPA and with the support it is getting from the Pharma companies it should go from strength to strength. Contact